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Since 2009 offers WoodDevelop software solutions and consulting in the sector of wood and furniture. With an experience of over 15 years, the company has had and has customers the are largest furniture manufacturers in the sector , for various and varied missions, and for software installation.

We advance and are advancing our customers daily with innovative ideas


We have a range of software solutions for the sector of wood and furniture. All are based on new technologies, integrate them and can operate autonomously or some the size of your company.


WoodSolutions, a complete suite

WoodSolutions allows for online tools for consumers and professionals.

The range offers a first tool to create and develop a space-living based on a customizable catalog and allowing creativity and adaptiveness to your desires. Projects can then be quantified and controlled via an input tool and integration controls. Of course, the design of catalogs is carried out with a fully integrated tool for all. Finally, you have the technical data generator for the management and control of your production workshops daily.

An advance of technology

All our solutions continuously monitor technological developments to enable you to enjoy the best daily in a connected world between individuals and professionals.

We offer easy to use solutions, accessible and adapted to your needs

A 3D motor of the latest generation

We developed the latest generation of 3D motors for positions off line or operate on the cloud, or where most still offer tools developed there over 20 years, expensive and underperforming..

Realistic Renderings

We rely on freeware of simple and efficient market to complement your plan with photo-realistic renderings. Again, a simple, fast and effective enough solution for your projects without wasting time.


Interfacing your ERP

We have a design tool, a technical data generator, a configurator, an MES and scheduling solution that can integrate with your ERP with Web services. Our seasoned teams assist you in analyzing the needs and realization.

Digital transformation Cloud and Industry 4.0

Day by day companies are part of a data exchange network and integration of the complete chain that starts from the sale of the project involves the factory through various means of production, subcontracting and logistics.

WoodDevelop offers solutions now.




Cabinetmaker Carpenter

I worked for several years with WoodDevelop and the least I can say is how professional they are. The solutions are really relevant in my work every day.


Interior designer

The solutions proposed by WoodDevelop allow me to save a lot of time every day. I can design my own way and furniture projects for my customers, present and transmit their orders directly after the artisans who for some directly generate their technical data.


Commercial point of sale

I use the configurator in my work and I have to say that this tool is really great. It allows me to make plans directly in front of customers with customized furniture, calculate the price and place the order directly in production after the order. I look forward to start with the online planning tool, but also with our new management tool for tracking business set up by WoodDevelop.


Wood and materials trader

I tried many software products marketed by specialized companies without ever having had satisfaction, especially on services. With WoodDevelop I found a partner attentive to my needs, responsive and very competent, which deals with subjects with determination and availability.



WoodDevelop discusses many topics that other professionals can not even understand or resolve. We did the stupidity of taking one of those competitors, yet recognized, but we quickly realized our mistake. Since we returned to WoodDevelop and we are very satisfied.


Industrial furnishings

WoodDevelop is just incredible company. Since we work with them, we are surprised every year, so the solutions are evolving rapidly and skills are involved.


Industrial Group

Despite my years of practice, I have never found interlocutors who can explain as clearly the way to go for our IT development, both processes than on technical details and on how to proceed. With WoodDevelop, there is always an adequate solution and a step ahead in the reflections.


R&D engineer at an industrial furnishings

WoodDevelop shows us the way forward while being very attentive. That's why we hired an automation process with them on our production lines with customized furnitures lines.Our thoughts and expertise led us to move quickly and leave no detail out.

Walk with pleasant and efficient tools

We are here to listen and offer real solutions

Looking for an ERP, a CAD/CAM, a configurator, an sales solution, a planning solution, the B2B and B2C, to implement a MES tool, or to integrate all of your IT solutions.



Since 2009 offers WoodDevelop software solutions and consulting in the sector of wood and furniture. With an experience of over 15 years, the company has had and has customers the are largest furniture manufacturers in the sector , for various and varied missions, and for software installation.

Our advice is you valuable to your digital transformation, your organization, your business optimization and production.

Consulting and accompaniment

Our expertise covers all branches of the furniture professionals:

  • Planning and realization of factories
  • Potential analysis and process optimization
  • Help in choosing solutions
  • Products engineering
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Finances
  • Collaborators

Marketing and Sales

We help you to develop a marketing and sales strategy, building on our expertise, efficient tools to sell online and offline to your stores and partners.

Design and development

WoodDevelop has a business solution dedicated to furniture design and space planning. But apart from that, we are especially attentive to your requirements, design and production. We help you find the right solutions remaining pragmatic and always looking at the economic aspect.

Industrie 4.0 and Cloud

Ensure a continuous link between the different areas of the company and the different actors, but also through applications and latest technologies. Our close collaboration with machinery manufacturers helps us to offer you the best.


Since 2015, WoodDevelop has a network of international partners, in particular thanks to these machines partners that are present on all the continents of the planet.
We have business partners with technical expert in local furnishings.

Machinery Partners

We are in the  LogoIMA network partners  
This network includes 3 major manufacturers of machine tools in the furniture sector. IMA, Schelling and Priest Horstmann, more than 1,500 employees. Their network marketing our solutions in addition to a network of independent professionals.
Our choice to work with WoodDevelop happened naturally because of their technological lead.
WoodDevelop solutions are exactly what our customers are looking for a long time, but with more reasonable rates.

Evidence of professional partners

CPS is a new company created by Leo Cheng, former CEO of HOMAG China and has partners joined the network in 2015. His experience of the Chinese market for several years with his team gives us a unique position in this region.
SAPEM this a actor for more than 26 years on the Russian market. The company markets and installs our solutions while it installs machines.


WoodDevelop developing since 2015, with the IMA network partners with innovative solutions that integrate B2C projects to manufacturing.

This collaborative work puts all partners and customers at the heart of innovation.